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Argus Beach Monitoring Stations (ABMS)

Quantitative Video Monitoring Services for Coastal Zone

Management and Engineering


Overview of the ABMS Technology

In June we participated in a workshop at the Coastal Sediments '99 conference on Long Island, NY.  The purpose of the workshop was to give an overview of the ABMS technology to conference attendees who wanted to learn more about quantitative data analysis from video surveying.  

To learn more about the ABMS technology, click on the thumbnails below to see a sample of the information presented at the workshop.  Use the links at the bottom of the page to see additional workshop materials.

Many of you have asked for additional information on the photogrammetry techniques used by the ABMS technology.  We've added a special briefing section that provides more of the details of the techniques and algorithms used to perform the geometry solutions.  Click here to visit that section of our site.

You can also get a copy of these briefing materials in Adobe Acrobat PDF format in the Downloads section of our site.  You will find that the PDF version provides better screen resolution of the image files.

Part 1:  Introduction to the technology.


wpe18.gif (53362 bytes) Introduction
wpe1.gif (12276 bytes) Course outline
wpe3.gif (14577 bytes) The basis for video monitoring
wpe5.gif (90723 bytes) Examples of visual signatures we can track with ABMS
wpe7.jpg (26397 bytes) Basics of digital imagery
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Basics of photogrammetry

(more on photogrammetry)


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