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Argus Beach Monitoring Stations (ABMS)

Quantitative Video Monitoring Services for Coastal Zone

Management and Engineering


Brochure and Briefing

To download an Video Metric Systems brochure, an analysis of ABMS data from Upham Beach, FL, or copies of briefing materials that describe the technology, click on the appropriate link below.

ABMS Brochure (pdf format)  (867 KB)

Analysis of  Upham Beach Loss (pdf format)  (399 KB)

ABMS briefing materials (pdf format) (4,141 KB)

Photogrammetry and Geometry Solutions (pdf format) (2,722 KB)

To view or print  these files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download a free copy of Acrobat Reader please go to the Acrobat Web Site.

Get Acrobat Reader


To download QuickTime movies of ABMS timex imagery of rip channel evolution at Palm Beach, Australia, or the erosion of the Upham Beach nourishment, click on the links below.

  Palm Beach Australia QuickTime movie (9,336 KB)

  Upham Beach nourishment QuickTime movie (7,777 KB)

Note that you will need Apple Computer's QuickTime player to view these movies.  You can get a free copy of QuickTime at Apple's QuickTime Web Site.

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