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Argus Beach Monitoring Stations (ABMS)

Quantitative Video Monitoring Services for Coastal Zone

Management and Engineering


These pages provide additional technical information on the photogrammetry techniques applied to the ABMS technology, including information on the use of Ground Control Points, image rectification, and calibrations of camera lenses.

Click on the thumbnails below to see copies of the slides.  Follow the links at the bottom of each page in this section to view more information on this topic.

You can also get a copy of these briefing materials in Adobe Acrobat PDF format in the Downloads section of our site.  You will find that the PDF version provides better screen resolution of the image files.

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Introduction to Photogrammetry - 1


wpe11.jpg (16760 bytes) Duck, NC ABMS installation
wpe13.jpg (16386 bytes) Image geometry for one of the Duck cameras
wpe15.gif (5617 bytes) Photogrammetry geometry for a single camera
wpe17.gif (5517 bytes) Camera geometry related to world coordinates
wpe1E.gif (6020 bytes) Relationship between camera geometry and image coordinates
wpe1B.gif (5315 bytes) Camera geometry


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Overview of  the ABMS Technology



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